Pancakes & Milkshakes

“Park yer land yacht IN A FLIPPING SPACE and go get the lil scamp”


Apparently, there is a force field  at work around at the exit to Delaware Park that causes minivans that retrieve soccer playing moppets to stop randomly,make left turns from far right lane and halt immediatelyanywhere except in parking spaces. It is a plague I tell ya. One of my dad’s favorite cold war one liners was about the Russians developing a s”Stupid Beam” and “they aimed that sucker at the Kensington.” Methinks the technology has been perfected and it has certain people believing they can repel the advances of other cars with the wave of a hand. Please, folks, quit yelling at your aspiring football star to “come here,” from the comfort of your rolling lazy boy when cars, walkers, bikes, motorcycles and the like are all coming down the road. Park yer land yacht IN A FLIPPING SPACE and go get the lil scamp.

My son had to the full 10,000 mile check up at the orthodonist yesterday so while waiting on him, I had some time to get caught up on the news periodicals. Reading the print editions made me feel such the throwback.

So, Rep. Kantor wants to help FEMA refill their coffers, provided more comes out of the Federal budget first? Going to blockade assistance to people who desperately need it to score budgetary points with ill-informed constituents. Didn’t the debt ceiling debate teach anybody anything? Chances are anybody who thinks he has a point didn’t have their town flooded over the weekend.

One of the districts that got a good supply of federal funding as pointed out by Time magazine was his. Interesting.

Also on the “who are you really representing part?” is both the President and Speaker Boehner. The speaker didn’t want the President addressing congress during the republican presidential debate next week Wednesday. Both will speak of political gameship and bitch about it, yet both are hooked on it. The President seemingly just wants to be liked and the Speaker seems to just want to foil him, so again, nothing is getting accomplished. I half expect the President’s sound bytes to start out with “Aw, c’mon guys” and keep hoping the rest of the oompah loompahs to smack some sense into the speaker.

And for somebody to quit giving Kantor a  microphone.

Back locally for a moment, while I try to say First Niagara Center without it become a bad brooklyn accent infected pun, but I can’t wait to get my new effn jacket for the second job.

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