Ready for some Football?

4 Sep

Actually did something last season the Buffalo Bills can’t seem to do. I snagged a Football title, a fantasy one, but it was a league winner nonetheless. My other team went belly-up, so I conducted a mid-season firesale and enjoyed the trash talk. So, I guess that long dreamt about career as a GM ain’t happening, as it apparently still better to be lucky than good. It does however feel a little more manly than my dungeons and dragons trevails.

I’m hoping the Bills do something more significant than improve their uniforms. While that was a step in the right direction, I’m hoping for at least a fun season. To pretend they are going to make noise in the playoffs seems kind of silly. Lee Evans might, but you know why. So, my goals are modest, let’s have a fun season at least, fun as been absent for awhile now. It’s come close periodically, but the Dick Jauron coached years seems to have sucked any potential mirth out of the place.

My very first experience was going to a Bills game when I was seven. My dad took me along with an across the street neighbor who brought his 18 year old son. I remember having a great time. The mothers involved scolded both fathers to make sure “Michael didn’t get lost.” They apparently weren’t specific enough as the 18 year old (also named Michael) managed to get misplaced. I just remember a sea of Bills being dragged to the locker room as the Johhny Unitas led Baltimore Colts just pummeled the Bills. I think this was the 1-13 season. I don’t remember who they beat, but it must have been something akin to the Washington Generals. But, I was hooked.

Obviously the Super Bowl years are long ago, but I’m getting kind of nostalgic for the Wade Phillips/Doug Flutie era. At least it was fun.

One of the local radio talking heads thinks a sale is in the winds, and that might very well be as the Bills are really under the salary gap and seemingly regard hiring experienced offensive line help as eating Prime Rib, only do it once in awhile.

While summer is sliding away (dammit, as it has been a pretty good one), I find while I want this to be fun, I’m more anxious for hockey to start.


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