Rescue Me

9/11 – Everybody has something to say about it as we’ve reached another milestone with that day

It’s on my mind too, thanks to the regurgitation of the tv coverage. One of those seminal moments that seems like 2 minutes ago and twenty years ago at the same time. MSNBC reran the two hours of the Today show from that day and it was hard to not watch and wonder.

At the time, both my sisters were Manhattan residents. As I watched things unfold, I tried to remember my New York geography, hoping (correctly) that their routines at them safely out of harms way. My Dad and his software skills were rented out to a firm whose offices were across the street from the Pentagon. So it was a full day.

Because it was so seminal, I think it is one of those things where there will always be a faction that is just raw. The hullabaloo over who is invited for this or that seems like needless squabbling and no I won’t use my facebook status for such propaganda.

My son was three and looking forward to Blues Clues but for once I was stuck on the Today Show as they brought whoever they could find in an attempt to describe it all.

I remember calling his mom at work and telling her to get to a tv set. At the time, the one tower of the trade center was on fire, but the time she saw it, the tower was falling.

Watching the rerun of the coverage, it is easy to second guess the bewilderment of the Today show crew as it was unfathomable. I’ve been a big fan of the show “Rescue Me” which has those events as a prevailing theme for its cast of characters. You seen that second plane and feel the jolt all over again. It looks like the scene from a movie, but tragically isn’t. The “Rescue Me” folks had an interesting scene two weeks ago that I think put some of the squabbling over who gets invited to what ceremony in the proper perspective. The Chief of the firehouse gave a rare unterrupted speech about how those who died aren’t celebrated on any wall, or any special ceremony. They are remembered by continuing to talk about them. And I think about all the events of the day in general.

It was an unfathomable horror, but it didn’t effect everybody precisely the same.

It is good to see activity at that location and how One World Trade Center is 80 stories into the sky. Five years ago, all the political squabbling going on created a much ado over the hole in the ground zero, but not much else, so that progress in encouraging.


2 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. Most years, I have been a voracious consumer of the coverage in the media; this year, for some reason, perhaps the rawness of which you write, I cannot bear to read or watch any of it. I’m going to take my usual September 11th walk in the City and do my best to duck the pundits.

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