Silence is Foo!

Like any Western New York trapped in the trevails of the Buffalo Bills, it was great fun to watch the New England Patriots and their head coach come a little unglued after blowing a big lead and eventually lose to the Bills for the first time in a long time. As CBS kept reminding us, it has been awhile, so hopefully when the teams meet later this year, the announcers will have to come up with something else to talk about.

I’m not thinking place offs yet, but this is fun. Good looking uniforms, good looking second halves, this keeps up, we’ll move up on the television food chain in terms of who calls the games.


Short lived euphoria for this observer. My moonlighting gig at the downtown sports facility eased me into an usher’s jacket for the Sunday Night Foo Fighters concert, which aside from a little customer service issues was no big whoop. Where the sour note occured was in the return to the parking lot.

Nothing fills you full of dread in an emptying parking lot quite like the sight of a couple staring at your car with a mix of pity and amazement. It turned out that a pickup truck parked next to mine tried to leave his space a little too quick and nearly took part of my grand am with him. He couldn’t do it right the first time. Thankfully, my two new friends hung in there and got his plate number so that should make all the requisite fun go a little smoother, but as much fun as it is to test a Nissan Sentra by turning everything on to watch it glow, I miss my hoopty.

Nice concert though, makes me look forward to Further however, that crowd might be less intense on their exit.


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