“You Never Give Me Your Money”

It’s an epidemic, I tell you. All these buildings are throwing themselves in front of senior citizen drivers. Apparently it is a call for more drive through lanes. Just to be safe, I’m going to park behind the folks car when I go visit next.

As I write this, the Sabres are 2-0, the Bills 3-1 and it is 75 degrees on an October day in Buffalo. I can’t help but wonder if some other Rust Belt city lost a bet.

I’m beginning to think that people watching the people occupying Wall Street might have a complete grasp as to why the original occupiers (occupiees?) showed up in the first place.

Awful lot of folks acting like a relative passed away with the passing of Steve Jobs. While that is indeed sad, I don’t think of him in the Edison and Shakespeare types of metaphors that were getting bandied about so freely in the time after the announcement. While I enjoy Apple products and Pixar movies, I think while he definitely was a visionary, part of his genius is letting some truly gifted hands-on folk run amuck, all that results in the toys we call covet.

And speaking of capitalism faux paws (intentional), I can’t fathom the logic in some “entity” chasing the Whole Hog Food truck away from the Bidwell Farmers Market last saturday. If it was a market-eer, maybe they would be some of your Kale for their awesome breakfast sandwich if you weren’t sticking the cops on them. If it was another restaurant, then shame on you. Make good food and people will come to your place. There are plenty of stationary competitors too. Do good work and people will come. People are buying from these rolling merchants because the stuff is good quality. That might be a key, doncha know?

Back to the Wall street stuff for a moment, Peter King is quoted about not wanted to give the movement legitimacy. Well, Congressman, people are upset and making their voices known. Ain’t that a good thing? Isn’t that what a democracy is supposed to be about?  People need heard. When the main republican leadership is and has been nothing more than to take down the President, the democrats mealymouth their way around so it isn’t clear what they stand for and the executive branch spends a lot of time just trying to be liked, and none of them are representin’, yo, people are going to get ticked.

On more mundane matters, I’m curious to see the new films on Paul McCartney and George Harrison, despite both having mixed reviews. Always liked the music of both guys and the possibility of learning a little more is intriguing, but not enough to sign up, even temporarily, for either pay channel they were getting shown on.

I’ve always been a more “trust the art, not the artist” guy, so I’ve never really had a handle on those who fling themselves on the cars or things like that, but seeing what might have gone into building a portion of my life’s soundtrack is a curious thing.


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