One more “Excursion around the Bay”

10 Oct

Now, that I’ve put that Great Big Sea song in your head, (You’re welcome) the matter at hand. I was in a bit of a state of lament about this summer’s ending and holding an unfair grudge against the onset of fall. Fall took a little mercy on me with this weekend, I mean how can you not love this. All the home teams are doing well and I was able to attend my Dad’s birthday celebration without bundling up. To milk this Sunshine Daydream a little further, I took one more sojourn to the waterfront to catch a few more rays.

You know it is fall when the boats are going away.

The ice cream and clam shack have “Clammed up”

When the awning is down, it is time to think of other things, I suppose

I can’t look at this art installation without thinking of Morty, the owner of the camp in “Meatballs.” Remember how Bill Murray and the counselors had him waking up in different places throughout the movie?

Yeah, one last play in the sand. Felt good. I mean who’da thunk we’d be able to still be in shorts. I mean I know the end is near and I probably should get the air conditioner out of the window now, but it was another nice day. I just hope it is reward for no breather last winter as opposed to softening us up for the one to come.

Got to find a porch to have a drink on, quickly.


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