Ninety-nine and a half won’t do

“Ninety-nine and a half just won’t do
Oh, no, no, just won’t get it”

I don’t believe Wilson Pickett had the Occupy Wallstreet movement in mind with that, but it popped into my mind with footage of the movement spreading beyond our borders.

You can some similarities as they both center around government dysfunction. And, that, in what is left of my mind, is everybody’s fault. The Tea Partiers have scared the G.O.P. so their sole focus is defeating the President, not so anything gets done. That’s petty and those guys are “representing” anything. The occupiers are upset with corporate greed. I am too, but the corporate folks are running through the loopholes our representatives left behind and are too scared to do anything about, because our “leaders” are concerned mostly with just staying elected. We need to be curious as Wall Street has become a buzz word even for campaigns that have nothing to with Wall Street mechanics.

And, that my friends, is the problem. Both the President and Congress have been disappointing and the polarization is costing people who don’t have the government healthcare afforded senators, congressmen and other criminals and despots.

They all need to grow the proverbial pair.