Not Fade Away

A reading from Book 2, verse 12 of Angry Birds….

While continuing to not care about the lack of an NBA season, I started to pay attention a little to the World Series a bit as it progressed. It was sort of hard to get terribly worked up about the Rangers and Cardinals. Both have had their good sides and bad sides. I mean the Cardinals’ ownership has inflicted mediorce beer on the world for a long time and when President Bush was involved with the Rangers, they dumped Sammy Sosa off to the Cubs where he and some chemicals gave chase to some home run records. Given the timing, you’d think that would have been a little foreshadowing for Dubya’s presidency. But, you set all that aside, there was some actual interesting baseball there and without a villian, just two teams slugging it out.  I do agree that the frequent cut aways during Game Six to Rangers poobah and pitching Legend Nolan Ryan made it look like he wanted the damn ball to finish off the Cards. He looked like he probably could have done it too.

Yeah, so Ryan Miller might have a problem or two with the Tampa Bay Lightening at the moment, but I don’t care. He’s our guy, it’s a long season and stuff will happen. Remember the start of last hockey season. Stuff happens. You can’t help but like Jhonas Enroth, but everybody should just chill. Enroth will play the needed 20-25 for Miller to stay fresh. I’ll take this year’s start over last year’s anytime.

Glad the Bills signed Fitz, with Johnson and Jackson soon to follow. Now how about some defense now that Merriman has crashed and burned once more.

Being a Mets fan might have wrecked my baseball attention span. When you measure a good game for its nap quality, it might be time to afford the Blue Jays more attention.