“Usher, this man’s annoying me…”

When the home team stinks up the joint as a whole like the lads did on home ice, we moonlighters have a little time to watch the little things.

I was grateful to trade in the polyester blazer from the previous bank for blatantly blue, almost azure, of the new bank’s pullover, an infintely more practical change.

While the drinkers still astound me, it was a treat to watch a couple of different sets of parents bring little kids to their first games. The kids in both cases were old enough to know where they were and what they were about, but young enough to be unable to hid the joy of being there. You have to be made of stone not to find that heartwarming. You know at least a few folks weren’t sarcastic in their wave appreciation.

It cracks me up the way some folks have to go looking for “somebody in a section.” Um, call em.

Inside each of the corridors, there is a cup holder for the staff. Each event I work I get a bottle of water and it generally stays put for me. After the second period last night, a little kid went by, took my still semi full bottle and recycled it. I mean I applaud the spirit, but there was still some contents I was hoping to get to.”

The new daiquiris come in some pretty interesting colors.

The pizza did look pretty good, from a distance, but I’m not sure what will make it artisian, hopefully that is a step from, well, bad.

Hopefully, the guys who came in Sabres costumes get a little better next time out.