Midweek Mumblin’

It was a little weird to see the Christmas displays sneaking up at Target just as clerks were posting Halloween Candy Sale signs over the weekend. Poor Thanksgiving is going to get an inferiority complex.

You’d think some of the folks running for office would be campaigning on what they would do, just once, one time? Yeah, no.

The recent cd rereleases of Darkness on the Edge of Town and Achtung Baby confirm for me that outtakes are called that for a reason.

Does anybody really need that creepin’ head start when turning left in traffic?

Conversely, when you are walking at get to the corner, it might be good to stop texting before crossing the street.

Gonna use a coupon for the bikram yoga class in sometime next week. I bet Savasana won’t be the only word beginning with s to pass my lips.


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