This is Sportscenter

Alright, the Bills played a game against the Jets that made them out to be posers in the playoff race. This too shall pass. The world isn’t collapsing and if they can go 5 and 3 the second half of the year, the combined 10 and 6 should steal a wildcard sport. The pragmatist in me says enjoy that, realize that, and know full well that the Packers would make them look like a Pop Warner team. It would sure be fun for them to beat the Cowboys next week, though.

The Sabres crisis? Please, it is a long season and I’ll say it, Ryan Miller is the number one goalie. In Jhonas Enroth, we have the capable hand that hasn’t been there since Martin Biron was in town. Remember Marty’s 12 game undefeated streak when Miller was hurt. In Enroth, we have a number two that allows Miller to catch a breather, work on his game, and receive silly tweets from the missus about movie premieres.

I saw a guy walking down Delaware Ave sporting a St. Louis Blues Jersey. This, to me, was interesting as the Blues don’t seem to be the team to inspire jersey purchases this far north.

I did have a theory blown today with the Bills’ debacle. I put forth the notion that I didn’t pay a great deal of attention, the greater their fortunes. As my sister is a Jets fan and my dad is a bills fan, and they reside in the same house, and how I didn’t want any of “That” getting on me, I did other things Sunday (Sorry, Mom, everybody for themselves).  I figured me being out and about would at least ensure a respectable performance. So, sorry fellas, better get the Cowboys on Sunday.


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