Ballot Casting and other fish tales

Or so it feels like. I came into my apartment on this day before election day to find 8 robo calls from candidates or their proxies or their high profile buddies urging me to get out to vote tomorrow. I will, half for the sake of doing my civic duty, half out of relief that at least one wave of rhetoric is closing for a bit. People are weary because of constantly be assaulted by trivial, inaccurate mudslinging that tells a viewer of a commercial the opinion of what one candidate thinks of another.

That is at the heart of the problem. While watching the various GOP front runners all grapple with being in the spotlight so poorly, that Pat Robertson has to tell them to cool it, I’ve been watching the local shenanigans and came up with a challenge that I would like to see, but probably never will. The prevailing winds say most candidates will tell why you shouldn’t vote for the guy running against them. I have this crazy idea and it crosses party lines. You want my vote? You want me to vote for you? You want me to install you in a position of power?

Well, here’s the deal. Tell me what YOU bring to the table. Tell me why YOU be picked, what YOU would do in office, why YOU want to be there. Nobody seems to want to do that. Decisions are made by those who show up, so the saying goes. Perhaps a little more directness might get more people to do so, more coverage would be on improving life instead of instilling fear, maybe that would separate the posers from the folks who have an interest in doing something.


A guy can dream, can’t he?

Vote anyway. It might seem hopeless sometimes, but the only way to keep it that is by showing up. Want term elections? We got em, there called elections.

Represent, yo!


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