Election Night

9 Nov

I did my civic duty and voted early Tuesday morning.

You know the drill. Belly up to the counter of volunteers while the first clerk looks for your information in the wrong book, finds the right one, and hands you the ballot to go circle like a civic version of the SAT. I dutifully took it to my study carol to fill out, and as I went up to the paper shredder, er, scanner, I got a little nostalgic for the levers.

Remember them, those power proof old clunkers. Those dependable machines. I miss em.

I made regular extra cash when I was in college as media from Rochester and Buffalo would hire out us St. Bonaventure students to head to parts unknown to catch results. During my senior year, while simultaneously being employed by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, WKBW, WHLD Radio (All just for the evening) and my college station, a colleague and I traipsed around Olean and Allegany reading the numbers of the printouts that came off the backs of the voting machines.

A year earlier, another classmate and I, each in the employ of about four or five different media organizations (again, just for the night) played the big stage, heading to election headquarters to do basically the same thing, but in the Cattaraugus County seat. I occasionally called our actual radio station (the mighty WSBU) to “file” reports from the Little Valley Board of Elections.

It was old school as there was no constant newscycle, 2,4,7 and the Buffalo News were it. I had college classmates who thought Buffalo was burning because all we ever saw was Irv Weinstein talking about Buffalo blaze busters battling…..something else beginning with b.

I guess this all came to mind as I was getting pursued by an exit pollster today and people seeking election results before polls close. Back in the day (and 1985 qualifies as back in the day), we waited till 9, as there really wasn’t anything to say. Well, 26 years later, there still isn’t anything to say until the polls close. Yet, that doesn’t stop folks from trying to fill all that airtime.

So, yeah, until results are actually in, I’m watching hockey


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