I’m not a huge fight booster when it comes to watching hockey. One of the greatest games I ever saw was a SabresCanadiens game that ended in a 2-2 tie. I don’t think a penalty was called and given that Perreault, Martin, Robert, Lafleur, Shutt were all involved, it was a flippin clinic.

The current Sabres’ are off to a decent start, despite recent trouble. I think we are overhyped a bit. That said, it would be nice to see more passion from the boys on the ice. I’m not worried about Ville Leino at all, and the ringing in my ears over the missed chances against Phoenix has only just died down after two days.

Considering they haven’t one anything yet. This clip was on the Buffalo News‘ site this morning. All Western New York hockey fans have seen it. Upon rewatching it, I found it very telling that after Neil dumped Chris Drury, he didn’t get 15 feet before getting pounced on by…Drew Stafford? Yep, Drew.

Obviously, we don’t have Andrew Peters or Adam Mair these days.

Sure Lucic is a crit for his play, sort of wish he played for us.

The Sabres could use a little more soul.


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