Free Ride

Now this ski resort knows how to make bucks in the warm weather. I rode something like this at a resort in Collingwood, Ontario a bunch of years ago. I think my Dad and I had a race as they had two lanes, but this looks more fun and a longer ride. The coaster located Mieders, Austria, starts at the top of a mountain, reachable by a cable car.

I want to do this.

To see what the non-riders see, check this out:

Does anybody want to go…..faster?


One thought on “Free Ride

  1. That is REALLY cool. Not sure if NY state would allow something like that (do they?) Watching the first few seconds of the first video I thought, “I would do this,” the next few seconds to the end… “Er, not so sure.” I guess once you’re on it, there’s no turning back is there?

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