Free Ride

23 Nov

Now this ski resort knows how to make bucks in the warm weather. I rode something like this at a resort in Collingwood, Ontario a bunch of years ago. I think my Dad and I had a race as they had two lanes, but this looks more fun and a longer ride. The coaster located Mieders, Austria, starts at the top of a mountain, reachable by a cable car.

I want to do this.

To see what the non-riders see, check this out:

Does anybody want to go…..faster?


One Response to “Free Ride”

  1. November 23, 2011 at 9:56p #

    That is REALLY cool. Not sure if NY state would allow something like that (do they?) Watching the first few seconds of the first video I thought, “I would do this,” the next few seconds to the end… “Er, not so sure.” I guess once you’re on it, there’s no turning back is there?

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