Musta Got Lost

Went on “walkabout” in the nice weather. I hope this is reward for having no breather in the winter weather last year as opposed to the other shoe getting ready to drop.  Whichever, the curiously refreshing December weather was nice enough to go take in a little no-money fun down at the waterfront and check out the grain elevator that fell into the river.

It was a little quiet, but it was nice to wander with the mental volume turned down for a change.

Just in case the outer harbor needed aerial support.

Cheerios, no, not today, the scent nearby reveal a certain Au du Cocoa Puff.

A signpost up ahead to which I can relate.

Look at what is on Ohio Street, who knew?

I mean, flippin Ohio Street?

With a perfect view of the now collapsed grain elevator. Now, this is where the noise from some of the preservationists rings a little hollow with me. These might have been a building or two worth hanging on to at some point, but to get all in arms now, no. At some point, it would have easy to steal a page from Cleveland (Cleveland, really) and turn these into other types of buildings as the setting remains a great one, but too much time elapsed. The preservationists did have a point with these, but the time had definitely passed.

I just like this view. I took it from the middle of the Ohio Street Bridge. The picture isn’t all that great, just nice to catch an unfamiliar perspective.

Covering the Waterfront.

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