So, we have some snow in December in Buffalo. That certainly is a stop the presses kind of headline ain’t it? I think the first feature reporter to use the phrase “Winter Wonderland” on their broadcast needs to pay me a $1 penalty for trite cliche use.

All the folks who are doey eyed today probably won’t feel that way when it lingers in the spring. Despite the hyperventilating of the tv weatherfolk, it was meh.

As the picture from the Buffalo News shows, no big whoop. It’s not the snow that bothers me, it’s the folks on the road who are all “SNOW!” like it’s never happened, instead of every flippin year, we were just a couple weeks late this year.

So, yeah, it’s winter, in Buffalo, all seasonal, all Courier and Ives and all things wonderous, but it happens every year so keep your eyes on the road.