Blind Faith

Couldn’t watch latest G.O.P. debate, couldn’t do it. This never ending reality show is a frustrating commentary to voters, an indictment of attention spans, and just plain sad. We’re in a heap of trouble to be sure. If you are not a fan of the President, I respect that to be sure. We’re in a heap of trouble to be sure. Congress couldn’t be any more dysfunctional as it appears we’ve elected meandering democrats, obstructionist tea-partiers and republicans who probably wouldn’t elect Reagan.

It is frustrating that when Speaker Boehner gets asked if he thinks the payroll tax cut would help the economy and he replies that he isn’t an economist. Tool!! You don’t have to be. Give people who are paycheck to paycheck folks a little more to spend and chances are that it will help the economy as we are the only ones putting anything into the economy. Boehner, McConnell, Kantor, et. al are so busy protecting the big money that they are seeing the whole picture, making it look like they are still resenting the President for having the nerve to get elected.

I don’t entirely believe the dude in video entirely, but beneath the histrionics, he has some points.

Certainly not an all inclusive discussion, but there must be something other than bringing down the President on GOP/TEA agenda. It seems like that this has been going on forever and the only thing that has changed is that attention spans are dwindling. People are resentful of other opinions and are seemingly grabbing at the McNuggets. I listen to folks who resent the occupyers, labeling them as jobless or just wanting a hand out, because that is so obviously not the case. As Warren Buffett says, his secretary is taxed harder than he is. One guy who is honest. Can we get a second?

Rick Perry thinks President Obama has a war on religion in a deservingly ridiculed and parodied video. People are struggling and it seems more and more that our representatives are getting further away from representing. What is troubling is that people will decisions of videos and other propaganda rather blindly.

I think it summarizes my trouble with these slates. The Repubs are hating on the President. Fine, tell me what you would do. The President has disappointed me at times as somebody who voted for him. In fairness, he has gotten much done, but when you are hurling a few bricks into a mountain of trouble it can be difficult for the good stuff to get its due. From positions of strength, he’s got it, but too often he is spending time trying to broker with people who resent him and the folks who voted them there.

I think the current contestants on the GOP version of Survivor should quit making bets, scaring kids about parents “needing fixin,” imaging wars on topics not even touched upon and think about the job itself. And any voter who says they are casting their vote purely on the basis of a candidate who uses phrases like “putting America back to work” might want to consider a second news source, because the first one is failing you.

Blind faith isn’t getting us anywhere.

Got to see the whole board and there seems to be shortage of people willing to do that.


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