One thought on “Truckin’, Part ll

  1. Food trucks are exactly what Buffalo needs. To fight this is really self-destructive for WNY. I’ve seen food trucks work well in Portland, OR and I hear they are a huge hit in the Bay Area. Buffalo needs more diversity in food embracing more than the chicken wing, sub, pizza norm. We can also infuse healthier food choices including more gluten free, vegan, organic choices. If Buffalo doesn’t rise to the occasion, more people will leave. Give me a reason to return. Grow.

    Other signs of growth that will bring more people home (returning) or making the choice to live in Buffalo/WNY are: real mass transit that works for everyone, connecting the suburbs, even rural areas and city/ renter’s rights that are enforced/ cleaning up the polluted ground/ active accountability with the citizens of WNY about what is in their ground (moving away from the Cancer-Cure-Culture and moving towards a Cancer-Prevention-Culture)/ Anti homophobia/anti transphobia education in schools/community centers/ more libraries/ better taxis and taxi services/ more community discussions about race/class and honoring the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations). It’s good to ask for what you want. What do you want?

    Yes, Food Trucks are a great idea and I bet towns like Evans will really benefit from this in the summer. Woot-Woot Angola!

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