Hoop Daydream

This was my perch for the Sabres-Capitals Boxing Day game. As you can see, things were still getting ready for the masses to come streaming in. This is just below the press box and since it was the back side of the building I had a few minutes before I really had to do much. When the new owner took over, a different vibe did fill the place. Now, while I was never a big NBA fan, and have to no taste for its current incarnation, I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t positive public relations to be gained from honoring the Buffalo Braves in some fashion. While they became the Clippers in 1978, they did have some significant seasons in the mid seventies, with some memorable playoff appearances. I remember seeing a few games in person and catching more on TV. Buffalo probably would have lost its franchise later given the huge rise in finances in pro basketball, but the Braves were taken unfairly. Ownership abandoned the city for a questionable move to San Diego. Like anything, when it was successful, the team had a good following filling the Aud.

It just made me wonder that since the new ownership family was embracing the whole of the Sabres history, the p.r. professional in me wondered if they wouldn’t garner even more good will with some sort of banner to celebrate the Braves and Bob MacAdoo, Ernie D, and Randy Smith (my personal favorite).

Make it happen, T-Pegs


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