Tux and Pucks and…

Well, the end sort of sucked, but alas…

As you can imagine, the revival of Tux and Pucks made the people watching very entertaining to this semi-interested observer. When plugged into the “system,” we get the message that the “doors are open” and folks do fill the Increasingly Bigger Bank (no free plugs) Center pretty quickly. For a hockey game, it initially resembled a bit of an irish wake, beautiful women in full frockery and guys in a vast collection of suits. Sorry guys, if you just pulled a suit out of the closet, you just weren’t trying.

I was working in one of the back corners of the arena and one thing struck as people entered. Even those without formal wear would come down the corridor and almost “pose” a little before imaginary cameras before heading to their seats. I was mocking in my head, the guy who wore the top half of the tux with jeans (Really, dude?) while his date was dressed to the nines, when those in the traditional Sabre garb did the same thing. They would enter, stop for a moment and pause, then head to their part of the sections.

Cracked me up, while remembering when the Sabres Senators games used to be a thing.

And then this one was, high spirited, the home team seemed to care, I think it was having Gerbe back in the line up.