What Kind of Day Has It Been?

Fun watching all the Republican candidates basically devour each other. My mom used to sport a “newt happens” t shirt back when he was a regular in the headline the first time. I thought of this as the Today show (in between celebrating its birthday) showed clips of him in South Carolina berating how much of a conservative Mitt Romney is. I can be impartial in this instance as it is like playoff football, my team isn’t there, but any voter who casts their vote based on one candidate’s assessment about how much of a conservative another is needs their flippin head examined.

Just once it would be cool to see somebody campaign based on why they should get the job, not why other people shouldn’t. Pity Jon Huntsman doesn’t stand a chance.

And Newt can’t take the President in a debate, find a new talking point, Dude.

Addled thinking, the same misbegotten thought that put Kool and the Gang and Van Halen on the same concert bill for March. I’m betting that probably won’t be like the Chicago and Earth, Wind, and Fire show that pops up on MSG…oops…that used to pop up on MSG.

That bothers me two cable companies slugging it out over dimes that neither needs. In terms of who is to blame, it is sort of choosing between the Joker and Riddler. Both are villians, but who is guiltier. In this case, I think more fault likes with the kids at MSG. What is even tougher is that the Sabres and Buffalo are merely a footnote to a larger squabble as per usual. The trouble of changing providers really isn’t worth it unless you own a bar as the same slapfight will get played out with those other providers at some point. Perhaps if the Sabres haven’t been playing like they were using double-runners over the past few months, I might have a greater sense of urgency.

I was reading along with Jeff Miers’ chat on the Buffalo News website, okay rereading it over Saturday coffee and the idea of a permanent fixed stage at the waterfront where the temp one was last year has merit in what is left of my mind, the place did well with the paid shows and small stage productions that came last summer. Thursday in the Square shows did well, and even the modestly priced Tragically Hip show did well. Let’s just keep Live Nation back at Darien Lake with their surcharges. The current folk found a nice mix, a little something for everybody.

Hey Time Warner, toss the Fuse Channel back when the dust settles, the actual level of music on tv, beyond Palladia is a little lacking.

And yeah, it snowed, in Buffalo, in January, imagine….