It makes you wonder….

-What the problem was with letting the Acropolis complete its second floor bar area. It’s one of the great mysteries to me why when Bank of America bought Pier One they had to fake a second floor for neighborhood standards and with the Acropolis want to make a working second floor that would affect only the people utilizing it, the owners get told no. I don’t get it. It’s the city and a little music isn’t a bad thing, perhaps somebody forgot to charge a licensing fee that seems to be attached to anything and everything.

-if a group of ECC students will get listened to. Governor Cuomo wants to put a health sciences building in the vast disconnect that is ECC’s North Campus. The student group protested that it should go downtown to better take advantages of being nearby to the Buffalo Medical Campus. This concept is quite unusual as it makes a great degree of sense, might even attract more folks to the downtown campus, and I bet they bring their wallets with them, too.

-if the muddleheaded thinking about the Food Trucks will subside with the upcoming law. This reoccuring theme popped in my brain as I perused ArtVoice at lunchtime while successfully not spilling any of the tacos I picked up for Lloyd’s for lunch. The famed taco truck was very busy despite the 14 degree temperatures. Make good stuff and people come out. Aside from the Rocket Sauce laden goodies being just the ticket for me, hopefully the classy attitudes exhibited by the truck owners will be contagious and the debate over 100 feet to 175 feet and licensing shenanigans will fall by the way like they should have long ago, and the brick and mortal guys can get looking for government assistance and make good food (which, guys, as a secret, is what gets people to come to your place, just saying).

-if the good vibes us hockey junkies felt can come back. It isn’t a lot of fun at the moment in Pegulaville. I’d start looking forward to the baseball season, but as a Mets and Blue Jays fan, the magic numbers exceed 162.

-why the School District does pay teachers for plastic surgery.

-when this will become clearer to me. The buddha of my youth is putting out a new record soon. The first single came out and I don’t hate it, don’t really embrace yet either, perhaps a few more listens.

But when the tickets go onsale for the rumored April date, I’ll be there.