Might as well JUMP!

However unintentional, I’ve come across a few things that sound riveting until you have to observe them, that sound incredibly cool, but in reality make your eyelashes hurt with boredom. Unless you are directly involved, you can hear your fingernails grow. Photo shoots were the first entry on this little list, followed in short order with making television commercials. Those can be entertaining if you watch the people who feel compelled to look like they have something integral to say to the process. While working the second job on Friday, I came up with another entry: concert soundchecks.

I got the call for the Kool and the Gang/Van Halen concert this past Friday night. One of things that always interests me is how the various productions come together before the show gets going. I walked in the designated doorway for the help to use to see a few construction folks building things. This is around 5:30 for a 7:30 show time and you’d think the finer things were already put together. Prior to the doors opening, we have a little meeting that kept getting interrupted by the Kool and the Gang horns fine tuning their performance. Each snippet ended in that cacophony of sound when brass instruments get the “air let out of em.” But you can’t judge that, as in this evening that was basically two different concerts in one, they were pretty great when it mattered.

I didn’t even mind “Celebrate” as it got a great vibe in the entire place. Too many wedding djs had ruined it previously.

It was just indicative of the night that during the long intermission that the change from 70s soul and r&b to 80s hard rock was going to shift the tenor for the evening. The evening got a little more harsher. I was never a huge Van Halen fan, but they acquitted themselves alright. I was a little occupied keeping a couple of older fans from jawing into each other about seat locations, and teaching a couple of younger fans how to count.

Not often you see two decidely different approaches on the same bill. I hope ushering Karma prevails and shines a light on me to work Roger Waters when he returns.

C’mon Karma, you owe me


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