Puckin’ Ambiance

The Buffalo Sabres have been getting dinged and even they admit deservedly for a lot over the past few seasons, but one of the reoccuring complaints is how it can be so quiet in the First Niagara Center.

It has been quiet, but I think that is a reflection of what has been a dull product at times. The post Drury/Briere (yeah, I said it) haven’t always been the most exciting in our hockey times. There has been sustained….meh.

You don’t solve that with more cowbell. I agree, sometimes it has been quiet and I think at times we were numbed, but as the Sabres outplayed the Canadiens, Sabretooth didn’t need to work hard to raise an appropriate ruckrus.

Sports fans are dreamers, you give us sustained hope and we’ll drink the kool-aid. I mean we are rooting for laundry as Jerry Seinfeld once pointed out. We just want the laundry to look good.