American Skin

The situation surrounding the Trayvon Martin case in Florida are increasingly on my mind a bit. With my own son of the age where he is out and about with friends, it makes you worry about what might be on the minds of folks out there. His mom and I (as well as family and friends) are always trying to prep him (and his sisters) for what could be out there. If a bag of candy and a ice tea can could cause the reaction it did, you can’t help but wonder.

But you can’t help but be “on-guard” too much. When idiot pundits start pontificating about how a sweatshirt can get you killed, it feels like it is only a matter of time before it can. People retain that detestable level of discourse and all that breeds is more needless fear and distrust. I think everybody has “crossed to the other side of the street” at one time or another and it’s sad because we are all running from what we don’t know, but we should ask questions first, not shoot. Anybody against gun control legislation should certainly get food for thought from a guy whose biggest apparent social sphere was 911 operators given how often he chatted with them. They call it Neighborhood WATCH for a reason.

(from the office of New York State Senator Eric Adams)

Unfortunately, only one guy knows what truly happened in Florida and has to live with himself for it.


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