Death in My Hometown


I’m whelmed. The is the proposed casino for downtown and…meh.

I don’t have any special feelings casino wise. They’re not for me. You want to go, fine and dandy, the life in there is just not my cup of tea. The picture above is the Casino planned for downtown and it isn’t going to do much of anything for downtown Buffalo in my mind. While all the suits that have been filed about it are sort of foolish, having only accomplished needlessly burning through foundation money better spent elsewhere, this is going to just going to sit there. While other restauranteurs are probably relieved at no real restaurant there (yay, protectionism!), there is no hotel or theater composition, basically, you’re going there to gamble. Without those things, you probably aren’t coming from very far either.

While it is easy to joke that since it is Buffalo, it won’t get built, it is supposed to be good to go by the end of 2013.  Each time I look at the picture, I want to grab the guys who signed off on the deal (since none of them are still in office) and ask em what the hell they were thinking? It’s not going to make the life in the area better, look at all the thriving business that don’t surround the Niagara Falls cousin.

If anything, I have a new appreciation for the Canalside Snack Shack as it will do more for the waterfront traveler than the joint in the picture will.