You would have thought the armistice was signed, I half expected to see that famous Life magazine cover of the Sailor kissing the Nurse recreated with Hockey Jerseys when the Sabres came back to tie the Leafs last night. High fives and smiles, hugs, except for the people in Leaf garb.

For the past couple of months, the Sabres personified the word of Annie Savoy when speaking of the Durham Bulls, playing with “poetry and verve.” But over the weekend and in the first period against Toronto, it seemed like the dark days of early January/late December (You know this time as Post-Lucic) and then they found themselves. The First Niagara Center didn’t need cowbells or thundersticks for atmosphere as a hockey game broke out. The home team rallied twice culminated with the goal above and everybody sporting blue and gold were the best of buds. I just wish I knew which one of you triggered the cold I woke up with this morning.

And then this happened.

Derek Roy?!?!?

These guys are scary….not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet, but it ain’t dull


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