Dyngus Blues

8 Apr

If only Steely Dan was polish….


You got an irish guy and an italian guy sitting at the bar. After a few drinks, a predictable argument occurs. “You’re so stupid.” “No, you’re so stupid,” ” No, you’re so stupid, I bet you probably don’t know when Easter is.”  Money get placed on the bar, bartender comes over and the pressure is on. Gent steadies himself, stands up, takes a swig, clears his throat and announces “Easter! is when Jesus Christ, rises from the dead…..rolls away the stone….and, if he sees his shadow….”


I was reading about the former county executive’s attempts to get any new construction for Erie Community College to be done downtown. While our politics never intersected, on this point, he’s right. The notion of putting more on Amherst because it helps the north campus compete with NCCC is silly. And making decisions solely based on places to park is equally nutty. For the talked about building to be one devoted to Health Sciences and the sprawling Medical Corridor sitting downtown, waiting to be partnered with and to not do it, THAT is silly.


With the Sabres out of the NHL Playoffs, I might still enjoy a little hockey, but the monkey is off my back in terms of just enjoying. I’m not sure who to root for, but it was nice.


Nice that there will be another avenue for music on the outer harbor this year. I’m puzzled over the decision making that took that debate so long. Why make a little money and bring people to the outer harbor when you can let land sit and do nothing? Buffalo Malaise.


The children’s museum notion isn’t a bad one for part of the spot where the Aud once stood, but we shouldn’t pretend it is the answer for everything. Lots of little things help. I remember people going to Lasalle Park when that bandshell was regularly used. The Jr League programmed great shows. When the Canalside folk took their music stage and repositioned it for the harbor shows, they hit on a winning notion. Perhaps an actual permanent stage should be there for all the music and performances to draw folks to the water.

Crazy Notion, that.

And finally, in the true spirit of the season:

Nos Drovia!!


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