Drive, He Said

30 Apr

My eldest daughter is learning to drive. She is doing really well. Like any new driver, she has some things to work on, but is doing pretty good. Watch how folks maneuver around Western New York, I had a bit of an automotive epiphany.  And funny enough, it’s not her I’m worried about.

In watching how everybody drives like it is all about them, it makes you wonder. Pity the poor devils trying to parallel park on a busy street, as nobody waits. They pull around the poor guy trying to concentrate on his parallel parking. So you got that to think about while the impatient guy doesn’t seem to give a hoot that he pulling into territory that you know, might have a car coming in the other direction.

I just took my son to the movies over the weekend and we’re coming out and this woman is parking her car very snuggly up to mine, so I basically can’t leave. I, of course, raise an eyebrow. She gets out and says “I didn’t hit your car.” I reply “Well, you didn’t buy it dinner either, could you please back up so we can leave and you can horde both spaces?” She attempts the stink eye but does give me the room to at least leave the parking space without the aid of rubber gloves.

Pulling up Main and Goddell, a Hotel van driver weaves a tapestry of obscenity at me when I chose to stop at the red light. Apparently, I should have gone through to the light and taken my chances with the traffic coming off the 33.

Maybe it’s me.

I was running some saturday morning errands earlier and it did seem like idiosyncreasies amuck on the roads today. Apparently, if you are going to eat at Pano‘s, you have to park in their parking lot and road rage when you try to leave it. It seemed to be a theme. And watching the same scene geting replayed at the Co-op was kind of hilarious.

(Folks, just take a space on the street, it’s the weekend and it would do your fat ass good to walk more than 10 feet to each establishment)

Maybe it’s me.

I took in the Auction benefiting Give for Greatness (the arts group) over on Amherst Street Saturday morning and had to drive around the shapnel of a fairly fresh accident at Delaware and Amherst, and nearly got pegged by somebody making a left, from Amherst, who was so semi-circling it, he was mostly in our lane. About a year ago, coming off Amherst harmlessly on to Delaware, I was ticket fodder. No such look this weekend.

Is the nanosecond saved by making your left turn a semi circle worth it?

Is anybody really that in a hurry?

“Can I drive Dad?”

Yeah, sure, just watch out for everything


One Response to “Drive, He Said”

  1. repgrind May 1, 2012 at 9:56p #

    Ha, I remember when you got that ticket.

    I think the ones that won’t wait for me to parallel park annoy me the most, especially in the morning in the park, where the speed limit is 15 anyway and there are people walking or running in the other lane. If they’re in that much of a hurry, what the heck are they doing driving through the park in the first place???

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