Sunday in the Park

I was invited to a fine festival on Sunday

Aside from the fun, personality and genuine flair of the amazing Webers and the tremendous party they threw (take that, Martha Stewart), I learned a few things. Like that the end of the Robert Moses Parkway is quite pretty. That would be the picture at the top, and it’s been a bit since I was able to gaze at Lake Ontario. I’ve never visited Porter by the Lake park before and it was great. While all weddings receptions should imitate the Webers and throw the etiquette books to the wind and instead celebate the couple, finding somplace new was quite great, right along with the open cookie bar and tater tots on the dinner buffet.

While the occasion has already been written about by people smarter than me, it felt really good to discover a new place and have such a a blast doing it.

Good times.


A good walk spoiled…

I caught this editorial in the Buffalo News today: ¬† and it made me laugh a little. I forget who originally said it, but there is a line about half of our lives, we’re looking for places to park.

There has been some unintentional comedy watching the lots behind Panos or the Lexington Co-op fill with those who insist they have to be there. When in reality, it’s city living, walking a little couldn’t hurt in most instances. It would be nice if some of the parking rules weren’t so zealously pursued or alter a little to lessen the vehicular shenanigans, but Elmwood isn’t a mall and that is part of its charm. The lot mentioned in the article hosts triple parked cars most nights and I think the lack of a meter has a lot to do with that.

But you hope a balance could be struck. I mean, I understand genuinely need to be close to where they are shopping for health reasons, but often those folks have to wade past people who aren’t always looking out. But I know from experience you can shop well at the Coop with your car on the next block.

Crazy, isn’t it.