A good walk spoiled…

30 May

I caught this editorial in the Buffalo News today:  http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial-page/buffalo-news-editorials/article875346.ece and it made me laugh a little. I forget who originally said it, but there is a line about half of our lives, we’re looking for places to park.

There has been some unintentional comedy watching the lots behind Panos or the Lexington Co-op fill with those who insist they have to be there. When in reality, it’s city living, walking a little couldn’t hurt in most instances. It would be nice if some of the parking rules weren’t so zealously pursued or alter a little to lessen the vehicular shenanigans, but Elmwood isn’t a mall and that is part of its charm. The lot mentioned in the article hosts triple parked cars most nights and I think the lack of a meter has a lot to do with that.

But you hope a balance could be struck. I mean, I understand genuinely need to be close to where they are shopping for health reasons, but often those folks have to wade past people who aren’t always looking out. But I know from experience you can shop well at the Coop with your car on the next block.

Crazy, isn’t it.


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