Sunday in the Park

I was invited to a fine festival on Sunday

Aside from the fun, personality and genuine flair of the amazing Webers and the tremendous party they threw (take that, Martha Stewart), I learned a few things. Like that the end of the Robert Moses Parkway is quite pretty. That would be the picture at the top, and it’s been a bit since I was able to gaze at Lake Ontario. I’ve never visited Porter by the Lake park before and it was great. While all weddings receptions should imitate the Webers and throw the etiquette books to the wind and instead celebate the couple, finding somplace new was quite great, right along with the open cookie bar and tater tots on the dinner buffet.

While the occasion has already been written about by people smarter than me, it felt really good to discover a new place and have such a a blast doing it.

Good times.


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