I think I’ll go for a walk outside

As a news anchor, Ch. 7’s Keith Radford makes a pretty good photographer. Of all the many images making the rounds on the internets of Nik Wallenda and the high wire walk across the Falls, this is one of the cooler ones to emerge. It sure beats the shadow and “Walk into History” graphic that another station is using. I wish Mr. Wallenda all the best, hope it’s great show, but am personally kind of meh about the whole thing.

I’m sure he’ll do fine. The ruckus about a safety harness has the feel of manufactured drama to me as no sponsor spokespeople have appeared before microphones, not that there is any shortage of those.

I wonder more about the other hazards like: without proper id, will customs make him walk back? Will he have anything to declare?

Or will any harness actually cause some issues?

Either way, like everybody else, I’ll watch, won’t pay money for a “free” tioket on Craig’s list, when my tv will do.


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