These Boots were made for walkin’

“I just walked to Canada and boy, are my arms tired”

by his momma.

I readily admit, it was pretty cool to see Nik Wallenda succeed and even attempt his walk across Niagara Falls last night. It was pretty easy to be snarky about all the hype, the buildup and especially the blathering from the commentators from ABC.

In all fairness to them, they did break the story of the fact that the water in the Niagara mist was indeed “wet.” The visuals were impressive, the falls looked great and many instances, less would have been more on the analysis front from the ABC folk.

It’s hard not be taken with the images, like this one from theĀ  Buffalo News. I respect Mr. Wallenda’s abilities even more so, watching him not only do this, but talk both with the commentators and his dad. There would have been times I might have asked everybody to “shaddup, I’m a little busy” with all the verbal back and forth. But maybe that’s how you stay centered walking uphill on a wet wire into Canada. It should be noted that he made better time than some Rainbow Bridge commuters.

Wallenda proved to be a skilled athlete and a real nice guy, calling grandma was a nice touch. I’m sure the “stumble” in Baltimore was a bit of hype, got to keep ’em watching, but the run to the finish last night was pretty good. I had made a few jokes on twitter how roller skates or hopping would be really awesome too.

Aside from admiring the thesaurus laden commentary from the commentators, the incredible feat itself (“I just walked to Canada and boy, are my arms tired”), it can be easy to read to much into one event. Probably isn’t going to change folks perspectives of the American Falls too much, but to get a few thousand more folks to the American side on a Friday evening is a good thing.

I was driving home from a wedding reception and purposely took the Moses Parkway so it would take me back through Niagara Falls proper and it was nice to see things lively on an early sunday night. Hopefully, more folks are thinking about how nice it can be and might take a visit..because it’s there.


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