Dumb Ass Liberal

19 Jun

It’s funny how fast things can turn negative, like we don’t want to listen to each other. On a friend’s facebook status last night, a discussion about a know nothing radio guest turned into a “brawl.” Another poster said something about the guest was just a “Dumbass liberal” and you call them names they can’t take it.

Being a dumb ass liberal, I pointed out that he should be careful, language like that could make him sound like a “long time listener, first time caller.” Instead he seized on “Careful, of what, see point proved!”

I pointed out that I was kidding, making fun of talk show callers. He insisted he was too, but going for terms like dumbass in generalities doesn’t suggest that.

It resonated with me as some were upset that during Nik Wallenda’s walk, Mr. Wallenda was praying while he walked. I’m not a devout anything, but I admire that. Considering what he was doing at the time, talking to God ahead of making small talk with ABC announcers made sense.

It seems like everybody is for freedom of speech until it actually gets used. It’s a little weird that instead of celebrating diversity, it’s currently the in thing to ridicule it and placidly just watch. Vaguely stated slams seeming resonate and I don’t know what you do about that. Mitt Romney says the President is politicizing a given issue. There is a faction of viewers who murmur in agreement. Just once, I’d like to see somebody respond with, “Of course, it’s an election year, you can’t fart without it being a political statement.”

The original complainer at the top of the page probably should changed the station. Your faith is a personal thing. I respect that. An office mate and I couldn’t be any further apart on matters religious or political, but we get along fine, because disagreeing civily is a good thing, Occasionally you can learn something.


2 Responses to “Dumb Ass Liberal”

  1. peteherr June 19, 2012 at 9:56p #

    As another proud Dumbass Liberal, I find that most people are just confused about the issue of free speech. My favorite amendment doesn’t protect you from anything except the government arresting you for what you say. It doesn’t protect your job…ask Juan Williams and Keith Obermann…oh wait, is that two liberals that were fired for what they said while Rush Limbaugh still has a job?

  2. tenderardour July 8, 2012 at 9:56p #

    “…disagreeing civily is a good thing, Occasionally you can learn something.” Thank you for that. I totally agree!

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