Mother, did it need to be so high?

Let me be upfront. I like beer just fine, beer before a concert, especially on a day like yesterday, hells yeah, a pint or two is fine thing. But when you are paying at minimum of $100 for a seat at Roger Waters‘ performance of “The Wall” I think I’d be less enarmored of the $8.00 cans of whatever to see more of the show. Maybe I’m just jealous as a lot of these folks seems really well financed. Jeff Miers of the Buffalo News wrote about the show here and I got to agree, it is astounding production of one of the last big albums that rock fans think of as a whole. It’s just too bad most folks didn’t see the first few songs as people were still streaming in during the big hit “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II.” Now, Mr. Waters’ team comes with an announcer beckoning people to take their seats, but much like the Sabres’ intermission bell, it didn’t get taken overly serious (these folks learned for the intermission).

(from the Buffalo News)

I was ushering last night and foolishly suspected that both at the price point and the fact the Wall came out 33 years ago, things might be on the sedate side. A few young hipsters prove that wrong, unleashing a technicolor yawn over some poor folks. After reconciling that customer service problem, I was a little more able to take in the spectacle. If you have the means, by all means, take it in. That album chocked with alienation referenced that we all had a copy of lends its music to a number of messages from current events all these years later.

While watching Waters and the show command the bulk of the attention, it amused me to see that despite the price tag, despite the attempts at musical profundity on stage, despite the high costs (let’s be honest) of things in the arena, a lot of folks at during the show wanderlust. I’m figuring for those bucks for tickets, convenience fees, etc, I’m seeing the damn thing. It’s interesting to me that there is a population that will be lots of $ to “be there.”

Wish I had that kind of money.

It was a great concert, you should have seen it.


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