Beachin’ and Hopin’

27 Jun

So, some high level city meetings are being held about waterfront development. That’s great. I do worry a little as the area has good reason to become jaded at “big ideas.” Administration after adminstration has gone in pursuit of the “Silver Bullet” that will fix all the wrongs in one swell foop. I do have one notion to contribute to this and all the little successes happening at Canalside reinforces this.

A City Beach. I took the picture above at Gallagher Beach last weekend. The pieces are coming into play there. I mean think about it, you give people access to water, let em fall in, they will come and probably want to eat or drink something. If you haven’t been, drive your vehicle of choice to Erie Basin Marina some evening. Take a walk from the marina along the marina on down to Canalside. The spectrum of folks you encounter runs from affluent boat owners, landlubbers like myself enjoying slightly marked up ice cream, folks of all flavors enjoying being by the water all the way down to Canalside.

There are some engineering issues to creating beach access there, but those lessen a lot at Gallagher Beach. There is a nice boardwalk already in place. The area’s food trucks could make a good buck. The way I see it, leave the right hand side as it is for small water craft, deploy some of the city resources on the other side of the pier to actually allow for some swimming.

See, a low cost notion to enhance the outer harbor fun. A little city asssistance on the beach, lifeguards, and a little work, but not a huge amount of resources and viola, a quality of life entity.

Summertime, and most folks like having places to cool off, and someplace to get something to eat afterwords. Most of the city success stories are like this. Take something small, add a few pieces and suddenly you have something that doesn’t resember a suburbanite’s 20 year old perception of an area, and people (gasp!) come and use it.

The great things happening at Woodlawn Beach aren’t planet altering, just pleasant ways of making something good, better. I wager the same thing can happen on the Northside of the treatment plant. We’re almost there…

While Bennett Beach was a wonder, here’s a city beach that could be a legit city beach.



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