Media McNuggets

I’m not sure who does the public relations for NBC but they might want to rethink their transitional strategies. It’s pretty laughable that the network wants to dump all their Today Show ratings woes’ at the foot of Ann Curry. I don’t have huge sympathies for either party as all are making out pretty good. But a couple of weeks of bad leaks, followed by an awkward handful of moments for  the anchors of your money making machine for a valued employee? Strange. The producers who deigned cohost segments with Sarah Palin weren’t reassigned. At a time when we need actual news and less cooking segments, did it ever dawn on the masterminds at “Today” that maybe it is the show that needed some re-examining. It’s no wonder Kathie Lee and Hoda are tipsy so early. Make a good news show, people will watch.


Ever notice how one decision by the Supreme Court turned all of Twitter and Facebook into constitutional scholars? I find myself wishing that those in Congress who don’t like the Affordable Care Act quit looking for higher authorities and put that energy into addressing the flaws of the bill. As Leo McGarry once said, those who aren’t in power “has to take a seat.” The pouting over something getting passed would be allowable if you were working on something to better it with, but this just makes the Speaker and others look petty. Doesn’t do a thing for “the people” to whom they are always referring.


I sat down to watch the Mets and Yankees have at it on Sunday Night Baseball last weekend as two great pitchers went at it: C.C. Sabbathia for the Yankees and R.A. Dickey for the Mets. Dickey’s start is a great story, and true be told, he had the inevitable off-night which happens, especially when your knuckleball doesn’t knuckle. From ESPN’s announcers assigned to the game, you would have thought he was the second coming until the second homer was hit off him sending the blathering Orel Hersheiser scrambling to say something nice about Sabbathia. Got to prep for both teams there, Orel. Paging Jon Miller, Gary Thorne…..



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