Take me out to the ball game

12 Jul

Well, some of us get taken iffn you play your cards right. Those crazy folks at the Buffalo Bisons offices can put on a show. I was out of town for the Home Run Contest on Monday night, but Wednesday was the Triple AAA all-star game and journeying into the game with my Dad, the atmosphere reminded me a little of when Pilot Field was first opened and the place was full regularly.

We were tucked away among a lot of old school hard core ball fans, which might have been bad, as we are both baseball fans, but we have lives too, so, the events on the field really weren’t taken with too much gospel.

It’s kind of freeing to go to a sports event, where you don’t really have a vested interest, just want to see a good game. That didn’t really happen, but fun can be had in watching the last parachutist miss the ballpark and land on the berm in right field. That actually impressed more than the three guys who made into right field proper.

I enjoyed the spectacle. How can you not have fun watching (and listening) to a couple of strong throated teens get a few thousand people into a “Val-en-tino!” chant for Bison slugger Valentino Pascucci.

Dude ever gets a bobblehead, I’m buyin.

Good show, Bisons


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