School Daze

15 Jul

Lot of milestones lately, and the latest one put me, the lovely mother of my lovely children, and the middle child of that collective in White Plains, New York at Purchase College for orientation. It was our daughter’s orientation and first visit to the college of her choice. It was a pretty regular assortment of meetings, sessions, icebreaker type activities. Given it’s location, about 30 minutes north of New York City so there were folks from all over.

I was relieved a bit that it looks nothing like U.B. and is a nice sized community for our daughter to start off and gain some confidence being on her own. It’s right next to White Plains, but built so it is its own little world as well and I think that is kind of cool. One can ease themselves into things so it’s not too much too soon. That didn’t stop my amusement at some of the parents whose questions sounded more like they were sending their ten year old off to camp as opposed to their young adult off to school.

If a community can take our too cool teenager and move her from “I can tell already I’m going to hate it here” (when she saw students dancing parking directions for us) to somebody who has a schedule, two job prospects and three prospective roommates, they must be doing something right.

You never know anything for sure, but this feels like a positive start.


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