Chicken and Olympic Biscuits

So, never been to a chik fil a outlet and I am unlikely to venture into one anytime soon. But the debate surrounding the comments of their CEO is already getting twisted to the point that you wouldn’t want to stop by. Personally, I have a high regard for a well-prepped Chicken and Biscuit sandwich, but those folks need some p.r. assistance. I don’t agree with the CEO at the center of this, but his views are his and he’s unlikely to listen to me anytime soon. He is certainly entitled to his views on marriage and again I don’t agree with him on that, but that matters not. It was sort of dumb to weigh into a marriage definition discussion when you have a post like that as wouldn’t you want EVERYBODY to come to your restaurant? Instead, one interview as there is a market segment going up in smoke, fueled more by talking heads like Mike Huckabee and the like who believe that “It’s a freedom of speech” issue. It’s not, everybody has the right to believe what they chose, but when you are a CEO there isn’t a downtime when it comes to you and microphones.  Course, why interviewers are looking for that opinion?

Beats me.

The Olympics are all over the place at the moment and like many, I watched the amiable mess that was the opening ceremonies. Aside from Meredith Viera singing along, Kenneth Branagh‘s awesome hat, hardly any Led Zeppelin in the british music segment, as well as the Queen as a bond girl, what was up with NBC deciding to overlook the terrorist remembrance in favor of Ryan Seacrest‘s hard hitting interview with Michael Phelps? It’s always bothered me a little that when actual british shows are imported here (Top Gear, Kitchen Nightmares to name two recent ones), the results have their bars lowered so to speak. It’s bad enough that a news program like “Today” is sort of unwatchable during the games for news, but it is kind of discouraging to think “we can’t take it” so we get an interview from a personality who have never done sports of a personality who doesn’t want to be there. Not exactly riveting television, but neither is having hosts pretending that stuff didn’t happen hours ago. That needs a rest. In the age of information shooting through in real time, pretending like you have a hot secret is pretty silly. People will still watch the race between Lochte and Phelps. Someday TV executives will think better of us. Speaking of which, who needed Seacrest doing sports? What is lacking from your life that gets satisfied with that scene?

Who knows?

The scuttlebutt in my little town is that Panera Bread is thinking about moving into the Elmwood area once Blockbuster Video finishes swirling round the drainpipe. After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care. Another sandwich and coffee place which I guess is good since there are so few of those in the vicinity. While I do my best to eat locally, I think we should look at this rumored marketing decision, shake our heads and go about our business. A chain coming to Elmwood? Gasp! Hey, Spot’s a chain now too. I’ll chalk it up to somebody wants to invest in the area. If it is with their dimes, that’s fine. Let em learn.

But it does make your head shake a bit.

Back to the Olympics for a second, a twitter user smarter than me wondered during the opening ceremonies what they would be like in Buffalo, a few folks have already reported this, but if you are on twitter, look up ##BuffaloOpeningCeremonies and enjoyed the Western New York snark. I was proud I made WGRZ’s recap of the wisecrackery.

Find the best stuff. I love the upshot of this speech.

Reminds me not to go through the motions.



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