I want to be all snarky about the headlines about Buffalo and Toronto doing an Olympic bid, but I got nothing. The Olympics certify the best that sport has, but can also embody the worst too. The now infamous twitter feed of #BuffaloOpeningCeremony was pretty hilarious and that might make me a bad buffalonian, but I hope the recent collection of soundbites is it. As another blog correctly pointed out, what do we have that Toronto would need and couldn’t get from Burlington, Hamilton, et. al.

As we have the real thing ongoing at the moment, with the medal counts (which don’t really mean a great deal, I mean is there a trophy or prize for that) and hyperbole (Phelps, the most decorated Olympian ever, that sounds better than greatest Olympian ever), it’s a little disconcerting that sometimes there isn’t much to say. It’s just a little weird that the time traveling Today show devoted more coverage to a gymnast hairstyle (Holy Non-Issue, Batman) that it did this.

That is the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on Mars,  taken from another satellite which I took from Now, that’s cool. Just an odd feeling that it is almost an afterthought.

As I try to shake off the effects of a less than stellar summer and right myself for what remains, it is food for thought.

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