The Bright Side of Life

15 Aug

Maybe it’s the fact that the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates are the class of the National League, maybe it’s the largely rainless summer, these are murky times indeed.

Candidates are filling airwaves saying absolutely nothing that will affect voters welfare, but they all keep getting microphones anyway. I got a couple glossy mailers in my mail yesterday, where various candidates wrote about the guy they are trying to defeat. It’s annoying as it accomplishes nothing. Dear Candidate for (fill in office here), please tell what you would do if you got the job. Until you are ready to do that, stay the hell out of my mailbox.

The $14 for a month of HBO seems like a bargain, while the national candidates debate about… to debate

With the Olympics finally over (it seemed like a long time), you realize how weak NBC’s regular schedule during evenings really is. Do people really like “America’s Got Talent” that much? And, um, NBC, about postponing the conclusion of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies to show some sitcom’s initial episode? Not a red letter day when that decision came down.

It was nice to hear the Who close the London Games and being a smart border viewer, I watched on CTV, but given how Great Britain has such a vast array of legendary musicians, some of the choices for the closing were odd. The long tease to the “Fashion” segment made me think that we were going to get the first public performance from David Bowie in sometime, but no. Despite having died in 1991, Queen’s Freddie Mercury did the best job of getting the stadium crowd rocking via old concert video, but Jessie J should never attempt that song ever again. Out of all the performers, Eric Idle acquitted himself the best.

And what was Ryan Seacrest doing over there?


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