Shut it, Hockey

I think I’ll be the Christmas rush and start being annoyed with my favorite spectator sport now. It seems to me that the NHL and the NHLPA knew they had a deadline. They knew this for more than an afternoon or two.

Yet, the squabbling over how to divide more than a billion dollars in revenue has them at an impasse of not returning each other’s phone calls like they are petulant eighth graders (my apologies to actual eighth graders, almost all of which have better adjusted priority systems). The phrase 50-50 might be a good leaping off point. I’m sure somebody will point out that “it’s not that simple.” Yeah, well, it isn’t that complicated either. For a system so “broken,” there have been a lot of high profile, big ticket signings lately.

Instead, fans are going to get screwed with their pants on again. There are those of us pocket an hourly wage that will miss some income while these guys don’t schedule meetings. It’s too bad as the local team found out, that it isn’t the noise makers that make for atmosphere, it’s winning hockey. When the Sabres came back in the last game against the Maple Leafs, it was like VJ Day, with high fives and hugs abound.
So far, the only thing missed is the deadline. But can you imagine the foreign born, foreign playing guy who might lose his spot on his team because an NHL star is coming home to stay in shape for when this ends.

The whole thing about “nobody wants to play more” rings a little hollow when you consider both sides have known that the current collective bargaining agreement was going to expire over the weekend….for, I dunno, eight FLIPPIN YEARS!

There is a good article in today’s Buffalo News that outlines the other venues that get effected by the spat. It hasn’t really gotten underway yet, and I’m already weary about the parade of press conferences announcing nothing in particular.

Here’s my proposal to both sides, get yerselves in the same room and no soundbytes from either side till we have something to say. Get it done without pandering to the networks.

Till then, Go Amerks


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