So, a New York State legislator from Niagara County wants to double the 911 on cell phone bills because the fees collected aren’t being used for that service. While I applaud his desire to make sure 911 service is working and financed and so forth, the rationale troubles me. Here’s a thought, how about looking at spending to be sure the existing fee is properly applied and living within means instead of hitting us again. A crazy thought, I know. This reminds me of the logic of attempting a toll increase because people aren’t driving on the Thruway enough. Only in New York State are we practiced in disincentives like that.


With milk prices about to double, and actual tax relief for working folk about to disappear, you’d hope that both presidential campaigns would quit releasing/caring/obfuscating about data video and use their influence to get actual things done.


The grain elevator illumination experiment was pretty awesome. See some cool pictures over here.


While the NHL lockout continues, the owners and players being equally at fault and fighting over a huge pot of money, a couple games have slipped out of my pocket. I probably wouldn’t gotten the call beyond maybe a preseason game or two, but every little bit helps. Let’s make the networks not talk about them until they can say “we’ve come to an agreement.” Till then, bugger off. Actually till then, check out John Vogl’s blog on the Buffalo News website. Vogl has been posting about who is really hurt in the paycheck by no-hockey. Big hint, it’s not the squabbling millionaires at the bargaining tables. Check out the latest post


A lifelong baseball fan, I’ve been a little soured on the game of late. That might be the fault of being a Mets fan, but even the Grinch’s heart would have to melt a little at the fact that the Yankees have to hold off the Orioles….the freakin’ Orioles, who haven’t contended in forever. This is a happy thing. The Yankees and the now breathtakingly bad Boston Red Sox inspire devotion or hatred, but you just can’t hate on the Orioles. I think it would be a great thing for the Orioles and Expos, excuse me, Washington Nationals to go deep into the postseason. Although, anything is possible


Will the presidential debate really inspire anything other than drinking games?




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