No, we “Chan’t”

I had to look it up. October 10, 1971 was the exact day. My dad took me to my first Bills game. I have a few vague recollections of that day. I think we had decent seats, could see everything real good, and the Bills were systematically demolished by the Baltimore Colts and there was a regular series of Bills being helped off the field. We went with neighbors and my mom’s biggest concern was that they might misplace 7 year old me. Turns out the neighbor misplaced his 18 year old son. All were safe and sound as none of us were on the field that day. I had a brief moment of deja vu to that game watching this year’s model getting undressed by the San Francisco 49ers.

(from the Buffalo News)

Now, your team is your team and all. But you’d like some glimmer of fun. In the Bills’ three losses this year, they’ve been blown out, kicked around the playground, had their pants pulled down and laughed at and that is no fun. I’m not sure I can say what the duke boys are thinking, but the supposed new and improved defense can’t seem to stop, well, much of anything. So, something is broken there, among other places. Training camp had that sense of antipation, but the three losses were against real teams. I didn’t think they were Super Bowl bound this year, but it would be nice to rise off the mat a bit, have a little fun. The last hint of respectability was over a decade ago and the last real glory days were 88-93, 94. Been awhile/

You’d like the stories about new stadiums, leases, etc to be drowned out for a week or two by a big win instead of the current trend.

This should be fun, right?