“Because, Bite Me, That’s Why.”

I wish our Presidential candidates would just stop, stop what you’re doing. I’ve trying to reconcile the whole Big Bird nonsense in light of all the bonkers coverage.

It was questionable for Governor Romney to cite that as a wasteful program. As such a small fragment of the federal budget, deleting PBS funding is like thing throwing one brick in the grand canyon. It was even dumber for the President’s folks to take the bait, run with ads that have apparently ticked off Sesame Street’s producers.

It’s bad enough that the Vice President and Paul Ryan are messing with Thursday night tv in the battle of platitudes, but it all brings me back to does anything really matter at this point.

If you are voting for Romney, that’s fine. I respect that. If you’re for the President, that’s fine. If you are undecided, I mean, what the hell? Can canned platitudes, abbreviated stump speeches, camera tested ties, bloviating pundits, polls with plus or minus margins for error greater than my checkbook really sway you?

What’s not to know? The President isn’t exactly an unknown commodity at this point. The Governor has been running for President for at least 4 years.

Much like the conventions, the debates don’t reveal much. Neither guy actually said much last week (despite Rommey’s “vigor” or the President’s um, nacrolepsy?) and I do wonder how much the moderator paid for his ticket as he got a really good seat. We’ll get “perspective” from paid opinion people after the Vice Presidential debate and that spin won’t be troubled by facts, much like last week.

The musical buddha of my rapidly dwindling youth, Mr. Springsteen, asked concert goers the following question in 2004: “It’s October 11th, what the hell are you waiting for?”

Please don’t say a good debate performance, because that really matters not.

Can we just go vote now?


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