Riding out the Storm

30 Oct

It’s a little weird to open up Facebook or Twitter feeds and see Western New Yorkers complaining about the hurricane equivalent of a snow day in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. This region has proved its weather machismo many times over, so I, for one, am happy to be a little overprepared. It’s better than under.

(Photo courtesy my sister’s Facebook feed)

I remember all too well of the thanksgiving week storm that had my kids, their lovely mother and myself amazingly finding parking spaces to abandon our cars on Virginia Street to go it out at the nearby Fire Department and walk home four hours later, or the tree that fell down during the October storm of 2006 that from the next yard blocking exits. So, if the most taxing thing about this week is who to watch to see about Manhattan, I’m cool with it.

It is much more preferable to check in via Facebook with number 2 daughter in White Plains, and my sister in Manhattan than hear things like a phone call we got back in 2000 from a friend checking to see what building he needed to walk to find his kids. So, we in WNY don’t have to do much today (by in large) and I’m fine with that.

Think I’ll call number one son and challenge him to some xbox-ing


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