Electoral College never plays on Sportscenter

So, the elections are finally going to be done tomorrow!

That thankfully means the commercials go away. Since none and I mean none of those tell you about what a candidate might or might not do in office, it’s a sad commentary that that might be what pushes an “undecided” in one column or another.

I’m a big believer in social media (duh), but one thing that is getting to me is that there doesn’t seem to be much online respect for positions. You have your guy, I have mine, they might not be same dude, but that is actually okay. That is what is supposed to happen. I tend to steer clear of the Facebook threads that dissolve into chosen sources.

Funny how we are for freedom of speech or religion until somebody exercises them.

To that end, it was distressing for the always gawdawful Fox and Friends to bitch about the Hurricane Sandy telethon as a pro-Obama rally, when no mention of the president was made at all. The involved musicians played music and asked for help for the Red Cross. The goofs at the Fox and Friends program decided to smear it because nobody was calling them on it. Well, I’m calling them on it. I don’t know what bothers me more, that they have so much contempt for their audience that they will blatantly lie about something like that or that there are people who willingly go yeah, they’re right, where are the conservative performers? (and the answer will be not present, not organizing, not getting together, etc). Dipshidiots.

I’m not a fan of early voting. That seems to set systems up for more abuse, fraud, and law suits. If you can register, you vote. If you can’t get there Election Day, absentee vote. Done and Done.

But how can one candidate just happen to have a son who has a business involving voting machines in a swing state? That ain’t right

Hope the big loser does so gracefully. Lawsuits, motions, & manipulation in 2000 really accelerated the road to divisiveness that we trod on currently.

So, go vote, the country in our hearts in waiting. Make your choice and I’ll respect that.

And hopefully the squeaky trick or treat spot is fading…


2 thoughts on “Electoral College never plays on Sportscenter

  1. This is one of the best personal inflections on the election that I have seen yet today… so close to the election. Usually it’s the bulldogs who get riled up at around this time. Thanks for your views!

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